Preliminary Results Of Security Study Show That More Than Half Of Android Devices Exploitable

Duo’s mobile application, X-Ray, is used to assess vulnerabilities that exist in any Android device. But what is unusual about this security app is that it doesn’t look at the other apps security issues, it looks at the OS and examines it for exploits that are known but not yet patched. According to their blog, they developed this particular program because most carriers are lax at rolling out patches and plugging holes that are already known. The application has been available for several months now, and a first look at the results collected so far astounded many.Co-Founder and CTO of Duo, Jon Olberheide, said that so far there have been more than 20,000 downloads of the application that are reporting in, and he asserts that even with numbers this high, the estimates up to this point are probably conservative. So far the app reports that most vulnerabilities that haven’t been patched are root exploits. A way of gaining access to one of the lowest levels of the Operating System. Often this access is used in order to install custom firmware, or applications, but while these exploits are usually used by the device owners, malicious applications can use the exact exploits to get control of the OS. According to developers at BitDefender, root access exploits have been the most common problem that has been experienced so far.And this has been nothing new to the Android community. The first three months of 2012 showed that the most commonly used hacks were root level exploits. Rage Against The Cage, Asroot, GingerBreak, and Exploid are the most used programs to hack the systems, but there are others that can take advantage of the root level security holes. According to the Duo CTO, the root level access could be due to the owner of the device accessing the root permissions and not closing them. He also says that this “exemplifies how important expedient patching is to mobile security and how poorly the industry (carriers, device manufacturers, etc) has performed thus far.” He will be giving a more detailed account of the study when he speaks at the Rapid7 United Summit Conference.To check an Android devices vulnerabilities all a person has to do is download the app, X-Ray, then install and run it. The app will present the user with a list of security risks, and in many instances the exploit can be patched. People that wish to keep their root level access to the OS have only a few other options for maintaining security. Most are using personal VPNs and limiting application access to the internet through the VPN client. Others are using encrypted proxies, though less frequently, and still others are just “taking the risk.”


Virtual Private Network

The word ‘Technology’ has it’s origins from Greek. Technology is a result of science and engineering. It is the manner adopted by humans to improve their surroundings.One of the method involved is – making use of tools and machines to carry out tasks efficiently. With time we have observed rapid growth and change in technology like PCS, podcasts, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, electronic teaching centers, etc. One amongst the several technologies is the Virtual Private Network.A VPN is a private network that uses a public network like the internet to connect remote sites and users. A VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the internet from the company’s private network to the remote site or employee.A public network like the internet can help carry VPN traffic based on certain standard protocols. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the VPN customer and the VPN service provider is drawn in order to enable the existence of a service providers private network.Advantages of a VPN:* Improved security and productivity* Simplified network topology* Reduced operational and transportation costs* Faster Return on Investment* Extensive connectivity across the globeFeatures:* Reliable* Secure* Scalable* Network and policy managementTypes of VPN:1. Remote Access VPN2. Intranet VPN3. Extranet VPN1. Remote Access VPN:Remote access VPN is a user-to-LAN (Local Area Network) connection used by an organization whose employees need to connect to the private network from remote locations.The remote access VPN helps save on costs over toll free expenditure and is secure (encrypted tunnels across a public network like the internet), scalable2. Intranet VPN (Interconnecting corporate sites):The intranet VPN helps in cost saving over dedicated, leased lines. There exist tunneled connections and encryption that enables reliable throughput.3. Extranet VPN (connecting corporate site(s) to external business partners or suppliers)Extranet VPN extends WAN (Wide Area Network) to business partners.VPN Security:The most important part of a VPN solution is security. A VPN helps putting private data on public networks and this raises concerns about threats to that data and the impact of data loss. A Virtual Private Network must provide security services in area of Authentication.Authentication ensures that a user or system is who the user claims to be. Security is thus ensured.Authentication Mechanisms:* login name, password, PIN (password – specified number of digits followed by 8 bits that constantly changes at regular intervals)* a computer readable token like a smart card* fingerprint, retinal or iris patternTunneling:Tunneling is a very important part of a VPN. Tunneling involves placing a packet within another packet and sending it over a network. The network (like the internet) over which the packet is sent and the *tunnel interface understand the protocol of the outer packet.Protocols used in Tunneling:* Carrier protocol – The protocol used by the network that the information is traveling over* Encapsulating protocol – The protocol (GRE, *IPSec, L2F, PPTP, L2TP) that is wrapped around the original data* Passenger protocol – The original data (IPX, NetBeui, IP) being carriedExample: A packet that uses a protocol not supported on the internet like NetBeui can be placed inside an IP packet and can be sent safely over the internet.Considering the current business scenario/trend that involves increased commuting/telecommuting and widely spread global operations, with employees who need to connect to central resources from remote sites in order to communicate with each other, technologies like the VPN prove to be very handy and vital.*Tunnel Interface: The two points where the packet enters and exits the network.*IPsec is the security portion of the IP standard that is supported by the Client. IPsec performs packet-by-packet authentication and end-to-end encryption. In addition, IPsec supports the IP within IP encapsulation for network address translation.

SteamFast Replacement Microfiber Cloths for Steam Mop, 2-Pads Per Pack

Each package contains 2 genuine SteamFast Microfiber Replacement Pads for SteamFast Steam Mop. This pad will keep your steam mop working at its best. This microfiber pad will not scratch or smear floor surfaces and is reusable and machine-washable. Perfectly fit models SF-140, SF-140F, SF-141, SF-142, SF-142F, SF-145F.
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New Year, New You – 5 Steps to Creating Lasting Change

So many people start out the new year thinking, “Starting January 2 (because you give yourself that extra day to be ‘bad’ ) I’m going to… quit smoking, lose weight, go to the gym, open my own business, switch jobs, stand up for myself… ” The list can go on and on, but the truth is, resolutions are generally flimsy. They’re limp. They aren’t backed up appropriately, and so they only serve to make you feel bad about yourself.So how do you begin to change things?First of all, stop making resolutions you ultimately know are full of hot air. Sorry, tough love time. I’ve done this myself. I get it. And it doesn’t work.You can wish something to be different, but until you actually become an active participant in doing it differently, nothing will change. Until you actively participate and understand that change needs to occur on all 4 levels of your being -mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – the change will be short-lived or not fully realized.Mental discipline is not enough, though it is a start. One of the reasons diets don’t usually work is because it needs to be more than a mental process! You can’t will yourself away from the cookie that you are using to stuff down a feeling until you identify the feeling, create a positive desire for change that is connected to an emotion, know why you want to change, and then create do-able steps to make the change.Here are some ways to create change in your life, starting today.Step 1: VisionFirst of all, you have to know where you want to go. If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you get there? Imagine using a GPS without an address or destination. There will be no roadmap available! Really get into the vision of where you’d like to be in the next year. Spend some time imagining what it would be like to really be there.Make a list of what you would like to accomplish in the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. It should be a stretch, but do-able. If you don’t believe you can accomplish these things, it will only serve to create fodder for self-sabotageYou have to do this part. You have to. You can’t just fantasize the “wouldn’t it be great if… ” scenario. That’s not taking responsibility and it’s not creating change. You have to write it down.Step 2: Why?This is where you get into why you want these things. Your why is what gives you the motivation to follow through. If you don’t know why you want what you want, you’ll lose your mojo and stick-to-itiveness. Why is perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.Dig deeply to find your why; it’s not a superficial answer. For example, why do you want to make more money? It’s not really because you want a new car or house. More than likely, it’s because you want the lifestyle, freedom and peace that more money will afford you.Go beyond the initial answer and find something of real value that will connect you more profoundly with why you want to change something.This might be a great place to tap into your spiritual aspect, as well. Many of us are motivated by wanting to experience a deep and profound sense of happiness, balance and contentment. Those are love-based emotions that stem from spirit.We want connection with others in our lives, and want to feel a deeper sense of spiritual satisfaction. When you picture the whys of your life, ask yourself how your sense of spirituality will be affected by the changes. Are you motivated by doing good for others? Of watching the ripple effect of love-based emotions and the effect on those around you?Step 3: EmotionConnecting emotion to your vision is hugely important. When you want to create change in your life, getting in touch with the emotion around “the why” will empower your decision more than you can imagine. Emotions are powerful tools – and you are the one in charge of them (believe it or not!).A while back I talked about how thoughts create emotions and emotions stir us to act. This is where emotions come into play. You are not going to act unless you “feel it.”When you envision your future and the changes you want to make, try to feel what that change would be like. What emotions would you experience if that happened? What stirs you to create such a change? What emotions are connected to your why?Step 4: Pain or Pleasure?The problem with resolutions is that you can’t get beyond the misery of change. I’ll go back to the dieting example. If you associate deprivation and pain with “giving up” the foods you love, you’ll never make the change.Start identifying the pleasure you will experience when you make the changes you wish to make. Picture and experience the pleasure of having more energy, moving joints that don’t hurt, waking from a very sound and restful sleep, perhaps realizing that the reflux has gone away. Imagine yourself fitting into those jeans you know you want to get back into. Feel the elation of exercising and the endorphin rush that comes with it.Pick what speaks to you.The bottom line is that humans are motivated by two things: the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure. If you identify the change with pain, you won’t do it. When you identify it with pleasure, you are more motivated to create and manifest what you desire.Most of the pain, by the way, is in your imagination. So engage in a mental dialogue with yourself. Replace the imagined pain with that imagined pleasure.Step 5: ActBegin the planning stages. Create 3 levels of action steps:The ultimate goalAn intermediate goal that is do-able but a stretchA small step that you know you can accomplish soonWrite. It. Down.Pick a step you want to take, and begin to planfully act on it, using these other steps to fuel you.So, you can see here that you’ve engaged your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of yourself in order to create the scenario for change. Embodying change on all 4 of those aspects and doing what I suggest here, will give you an excellent setup for change.So, ditch the resolutions. Create life-long changes by employing these steps.Happy New Year! And here’s to creating a 2013 that’s better than ever!

PS133-4B 4 Position AA/AAA Value Charger, 2AA and 2AAA Pre-Charged Rayovac Recharge NiMH Batteries, 4 Count

The Rayovac Recharge 4 Position Value Charger will recharge any brand AA or AAA NiMH or NiCD battery. This charger has a safety auto shut off feature which protects batteries from being overcharged. Two Rayovac Recharge AA and two AAA Low Self Discharge NiMH batteries are included! These batteries can be recharged 500 times providing long-lasting performance over and over again. Rayovac Recharge batteries hold their charge for up to 1 year when not in use. One year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Rayovac is a trusted brand of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., a top manufacturer of consumer batteries in the United States and Latin America. Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. is a global consumer products company and a leading supplier of batteries, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn & garden and home pest control products, personal insect repellents and portable lighting.
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Sugar N Spice Boutique Sugar Sak Extra Large Toy Bag, Hot Pink, Hot Pink

This lovely toy storage bag is lined with a fabulous material called BioShield 75 that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, mildew and viruses. That way you know every time you take a toy out of the bag that it will be clean, safe and lint-free. Keeping your toys stored in breathable bags will help them live longer, healthier lives. Plus, they are just cute, no?
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